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I speed up the game x and add some music. Hope this helps if you still like the old fashioned bloons games!!. Bloons Tower Defense 2 Lösung (Walkthrough). Ein Bloons Tower Defense 2 Walkthrough Video mit Lösungen, Tipps und Tricks um schwierige Level zu. Never switch to a new defense (like changing from 2 /3 dart monkeys to 2 /3 apprentices or selling towers to focus on one tower only), especially if your opponent.

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It can pop 2 ballon at once. Oct 19, 8: Spike Factory Dartling Gun Banana Farm Monkey Apprentice Monkey Buccaneer Monkey Ace Glue Gunner Mortar Tower. Those who say not to upgrade are absolutely correct. It is pointless to have towers that don't do everything that they can. Stop by , and build temples. I ended up buying only four dart monkeys and selling two of them right away, then the other two a bit later because they were occupying prime positions.


Bloons Tower Defense 2: Easy - Rounds 1-50 Video Tutorial

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Next I dotted a few more dart monkeys around all with piercing upgrades but not range upgrades to help thin things out. The Anti-COBRA strategy, or Death of RRoDs for Battle Arena Dart Monkey T4, Banana Farm T, Monkey Ace T3. It's all about tower placement. When you upgrade a sub Than on lvl 40ish i got pwned my the yellow balloons. By the last ten levels or so I had a very leisurely, controlled game. That was scary stuff there. Forums Kongregate Game Forums General Gaming Technical Support Game Programming All Forums. The black bloons are the nemesis because tha cannons cannot kill. It's real easy from there on out just laying down spike strips and occasionally building another tower. Then I added a bomb tower, and then a pin tower to the upper right in the little U. Then get and upgrade dart towers in this way: Visit Our Developers Site.